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1) What are you basic IVF Fees in $USD? Our charges for an IVF/ICSI treatment cycle are $ 3500 only. This includes all medical treatments and procedures. Medicines would cost about US $ 1000 more. However, the cost of medications can vary, and depend upon how many injections you need for adequate superovulation. Is there a discount for paying in your local currency? [Dr Malpani] No 2) Will you do Gestational Surrogacy Cycles? [Dr Malpani] Yes Do you provide Surrogates?[Dr Malpani]  No Can you refer to an agency that does arrange surrogates if you do not?[Dr Malpani]  No Can Clients bring Read More

china daiyun surrogacy agency The agency matches Intended Parents with surrogates in China, but  hospitals are prohibited from doing in virtro fertilization for surrogacy puposes in China.  Online surrogacy agency gives birth to morality debate By Jessie Tao ( Updated: 2007-05-15 11:05 Infertility can leave wannabe parents seeking desperate measures, but an online service could give birth to good news, as the service offers surrogate mothers as long as the price is right. A screenshot of the surrogacy match-making website. [], a surrogate agency headquartered in Ningbo, east China’s Zhejiang Province and with offices all over the country, claims it links Read More

mexico centro medico de la mujer Dr. Rogelio Montemayor Garza Subespecialista en Medicina Reproductiva. Centro Médico de la Mujer (Cons. 404) Tel: 01(81)8347-8488 / 01(81)8676-6595 Monterrey, N.L. This space is dedicated to all those couples who have had problems when trying to have children and not seeing results. We provide information on our fertility treatment as well as operations and treatments we provide for the welfare of Health, Physical, Emotional and Social. We know that the purpose of life is procreation and the perpetuation of the species and the evolution of human beings ever upward, our commitment is to help achieve these objectives for couples Read More

mexico center for assisted reproduction Dr. Manuel R. García Especialista en Biología de la Reproducción Director CREASIS y CIMA Santa Engracia-CREASIS Calle: Dr. Enrique Peña #118, Col. Los Doctores Tels. +52 81 83 33 44 56 ext 2 Monterrey, N.L., México Center for Assisted Reproduction S.C. (CREASIS) was founded under the direction of Dr. Manuel Rolando García Martínez and Dr. Carlos Arce Felix, after his training in the USA. Since its genesis, CREASIS has been formed as a center of attention to the couple with infertility problems. Since its inception, CREASIS provides pregnancy rates comparable to the major world centers. Seal of quality Read More

mexico red crea mexico city Who are we? Red crea es la primera red de medicina reproductiva del país. Red is the first network created for reproductive medicine in the country. Somos una institución integrada por una verdadera red de profesionales reconocidos, que ofrecen servicios de cirugía reproductiva y reproducción asistida de manera personalizada, de alta calidad y económicamente accesibles, brindando un servicio integral, de manera que los pacientes pueden recibir sus tratamientos de reproducción a través de su medico de confianza o de los médicos afiliados a Red Crea . We are an institution composed of a network of recognized professionals who provide Read More

mexico institute vida life guadalajara The Institute of Life Sciences in Human Reproduction has offices in the cities of León (Guanajuato), Guadalajara (Jalisco), Matamoros (Tamaulipas) and Mérida (Yucatán). Offered to infertile couples, the attention of medical and paramedical personnel trained (in the country and abroad) and certified in the specialty of Reproductive Biology (by the Mexican Council of Obstetrics and Gynecology), as well as equipping schools with to offer the latest advances in reproductive medicine, which allows more accurate diagnostic laboratory studies, ultrasound, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and especially with a thorough medical history to provide the best alternatives to achieve pregnancy and accompany the Read More

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