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$7,500 and 2 weeks in Barbados. Can you make a better choice?

A Holiday with a Purpose  
We would never pretend that going through an IVF program would not be stressful. But with a number of recent studies psychologists have established that by reducing a couples stress levels while they undergo fertility treatments, a marked increase of a successful outcome is achieved. With that knowledge what better place in the world to reduce your stress than in the exotic island of Barbados in the Caribbean. Click here for success rates.

In between your appointments, you have constant access to our team of experts by cellular 
phone but with the freedom of being on holiday. You can enjoy the soothing sound of the lapping Caribbean Sea, go for a long romantic walk along the white sandy beaches and then enjoy the tantalizing tastes of the Caribbeans cuisine. Barbados is famous for its world class luxury hotels and we have selected some of the best the island has to offer. CLICK HERE to see the locations we have selected for you to choose from to stay in while attending our Clinic.
Obviously, in order to pursue your treatment in Barbados there are some preliminary steps you need to undertake in cooperation with your local doctor/clinic so that your time spent in Barbados can be kept to a two week timeframe.

Upon arrival in Barbados you are met at the airport and taken by private luxury car to the hotel of your choice where our Patient Liaison Manager will meet with you to ensure that you have settled comfortably. You will be given a programmed cellular phone to enable you to contact us at any time but give you the freedom to enjoy being on holiday. Your appointments schedule will be given to you with collection times for your transportation to and from all appointments. In order to give you a choice of hotels and packages we have selected a number of wonderful hotels and created three levels of accommodation packages in order to make travel arrangements easier for you. CLICK HERE for details and costs of these packages. The details of each are laid out under packages available.

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