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New Hope Fertility Center in Mexico - Best IVF clinic in Mexico.

IVF in Mexico is an affordable option for US couples with the New Hope Fertility Center. They offer Mini-IVF which is considerable lower in cost than conventional IVF. You can have IVF done for under $3,000 and the Doctor's are UK and US trained.

The embryologist is also New York trained and most of the staff speak English which helps with the communication. Over 80% of their patients are from the US.

Their clinic is open year-round so they can see you over Christmas Break and you don't have to miss work.


Mini-IVF $2,700 USD
Medications Est. $180 USD

Bloodworks needed during follicular tracking $200 USD
IVF Coordination Fee $250 USD

Standard IVF $4.500 USD
EST. $1,000 - $1,500 USD
Bloodworks needed during follicular tracking $200 USD
IVF Coordination Fee $250 USD

Other Options:
IVF with egg Donor $6,000 USD
Sperm Donor $500 USD -
$800 USD
Sperm Donors from both the USA and Mexico available.
Frozen Transfer $1,000 USD
IUI $900 USD

14 Day stay for $600 USD

These prices are current estimates however prices change with the exchange rate. Doctor's are UK and US trained. You will need to be in Mexico for 6-15 days. Pre-cycle tests done in the US at your doctor can shorten you stay.

We will coordinate your IVF Experience in Mexico and help you save money.
To Start now Email US
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IVF in Mexico as an option

We have looked all over the internet for prices for IVF and Surrogacy and have come to the conclusion that for US couples the most cost effective option is in Mexico. With most major cities in the US having direct flights the cost to get there is much cheaper then flying to India.

The Cost for IVF is $3,500 - $4,500 depending on how far south you are willing to travel. You can find a low cost surrogate in the US and bring her down for the weekend to transfer in Mexico and then have her deliver in the US.

You can find stories all over the internet. Intended Parents going all over the world for IVF treatment. US couples going to MexicoIVF.org  because it is cheaper then the US.

 There are many reports of people going to Mexico for treatment, but finding concrete evidence, positive success stories, and overcoming the language barrier to get answers is elusive and time consuming.

Do to the high cost of infertility many Intended Parents are looking all over the world at the cost of treatments. India has been in the news as a Surrogate friendly country and has many success stories. Living in San Diego I am looking to Mexico for the options that they might provide.

There are several clinic's that offer IVF in Mexico as it is a very large country and most of the cities have multiple options. We have contacted over 40 clinic's during the last 12 months to determine which will be most helpful to Intended Parent's from the USA.

We have compiled all the information on the clinics we have contacted and researched and can make recommendation based on individual needs. We have set up a coordination program with the clinic we recommend to help couples find good quality health care at affordable prices. Our goal is to streamline the process for both the doctors and the patients.

We have arrangements with the doctors and will call them on your behalf to get questions answered, set up phone appointments and office visits in a timely manner. We will pre-screen you on behalf or the doctors so when you do speak in person they already have your information and the call or visit will be more productive in the time you have. All of their written information is in Spanish but we will provide you with a translated version. Don't waste time with call after to call to a receptionist who does not speak English and unable to help you make contact with the doctor.

We can give you information on places to stay near the clinics that are safe and US friendly, a list of lower cost airlines within Mexico and International.

Going further South into Mexico provides the least expensive options compared to staying in the border towns.

We have many couples with plans to have transfers this November or December.

If you are interested in joining us for IVF in Mexico please Email US
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IVF Cost is not the only thing to consider.

 Bad IVF doctors and how to protect yourself  

There is no doubt that IVF technology represents one of modern medicine’s success stories. Using IVF , we can help couples who could never have a baby with any other technique to start their own family.
However, woe betide the patient who ends up in a bad IVF clinic !

For example , one of the IVF clinics in New Delhi is owned by a skin specialist. This doctor, who is not even a gynecologist , offers IVF treatment ! Not only are your chances of getting pregnant in a bad IVF clinic very low, you also run a major risk of losing a lot of time, money and energy. Not only do you pour your money down the drain, you also end up losing confidence in IVF technology, thus depriving yourself of your best chance of having a baby . And when you do find out afterwards that the IVF clinic you selected was a bad one, there is little you can do about it ! Blaming yourself or cursing the doctor afterwards does not help, which is why you need to be very careful when deciding which clinic in which to do your treatment !  

Caveat emptor - and this is why it's very important that you do your homework carefully - you are making a major investment !
Some useful guidelines to help you find the best IVF doctor are here.
How do you identify a bad IVF clinic ?
It's important to be critical and careful, and not to take everything the IVF clinic says for granted. A common problem is that even bad clinics will quote high pregnancy rates because these are published in the medical literature, rather than share their own success rates.
Unfortunately, many patients naively assume that all IVF clinics are equally good. They often select a clinic because it is close to them; because they charge less; or because they know of someone who took treatment there and got pregnant. However, remember that there is a world of a difference between a good IVF clinic and a bad IVF clinic - not all IVF clinics are equally good ! It can be far more cost-effective to fly down to a good IVF clinic with a high pregnancy rate, even if this does cost a little more, as your "cost per baby " is likely to be much less, rather than to do IVF in a local clinic with a low pregnancy rate !
Some IVF clinics in India depend upon the services of a part-time embryologist, who flies down only once or twice a month to perform the IVF or ICSI procedures. These clinics batch all their patients together, and then perform about 5-20 treatments over a period of 2 days. This can be dangerous for you ! Not all patients grow eggs at the same rate ! Suppose yours grow too slowly ? Or too fast ? The doctor has no choice, but to perform your egg collection on the pre-scheduled date, thus resulting in a major drop in your chances of conceiving.
Other IVF doctors are only "part-time" IVF doctors. They spend most of their time delivering babies or doing hysterectomies ( which is often far more profitable). They do IVF simply to provide an additional service. Such an attitude often results in their providing a sub-optimal service because they cannot devote the time and energy needed to provide high pregnancy rates. Full-time IVF doctor who do nothing else have much higher pregnancy rates, because their entire reputation and income depends upon their IVF pregnancy rates !
Other IVF doctors enjoy jetting around or travelling from place to place.

They set up a "chain of IVF clinics" all over the country to get more patients, and then spend their energies running around from clinic to clinic. This often means that they are not available to monitor your treatment. You may find that you only see the "big-name" doctor once - for your first consultation. Afterwards, this doctor is never available for you !
Other clinics cut corners and compromise by using underhand methods and dirty tricks. They "share" your eggs with other patients without informing you, thus earning an additional income from their egg sharing programs, which they advertise to attract infertile women who need donor eggs ! However, not only is this grossly unethical, it also means that your chances of getting pregnant are drastically reduced !
Many bad IVF clinics do not offer the full range of services a good IVF clinic does. Thus, they do not offer embryo freezing facilities, and they "bad-mouth" embryo freezing technology, claiming that the pregnancy rates with frozen embryos are poor ! Clinics which cannot freeze embryos are technically inadequate; and will often "donate" your spare embryos to other patients without your consent !
Others buy second-hand incubators; or poor quality equipment. They try to save pennies by not servicing their microscopes; using cheap IVF culture medium ; or "recycling" disposables such as catheters and egg collection needles, thus increasing your risk of acquiring an infection and reducing your chances of getting pregnant. Many have very old, poor quality ultrasound scanners, which make it hard for them to see the follicles or do an egg collection.
I agree that it's very hard for the average infertile patient to judge the technical competence of an IVF clinic. Ideally, your clinic should be open and above-board ; and should be happy to show you around, and share information with you during your treatment.

Signs of a bad clinic include:
1. When they refuse to show you their equipment or facilities
2. When you do not get a chance to talk to the same IVF doctor
3. When they do not show you the ultrasound screen during your monitoring or tell you how many eggs you are growing
4. When there is a major discrepancy between the number of follicles you grow on scanning and the number of eggs they collect from you
5. They do not show you your embryos under the microscope
6. They do not offer embryo freezing facilities
7. They do not give you a discharge summary at the end of your treatment
What happens in many IVF clinics is very distressing. It pains me when I see patients who have been through many IVF treatment cycles, but know pathetically little about their treatment details, because the clinic never provided them with this information.
Embroidering pregnancy rates is an art some ART clinics are very good at. I know of some doctors who deliberately give their patients repeated HCG injections after embryo transfer, ( Inj Profassi, or Inj Pregnyl) and then measure the blood level of beta HCG a few days later to prove to the patient that she conceived ! Since the beta HCG level is positive, the patient naively believes she did get pregnant (when it become negative, the doctor explains that she miscarried) , little realizing that the positive test result was just a result of the HCG hormone administered to her in the injection !( If the doctor gave her husband the same injection, he would have a positive pregnancy test too ! ) Such a cruel trick not only gives the patient false hope which is dashed to pieces, it also hooks her to the clinic for life, since she “nearly” got pregnant in her previous cycle.
Even “internationally reputed” clinics resort to some underhand practices – and perhaps this is even more dangerous, because few patients dare to question them , given their reputation. Thus, some push unproven treatments such as immunotherapy for recurrent pregnancy losses, offering their patients false hope after making them spend lots of money. Since these treatments are still controversial and unproven, it would only be fair to offer them as part of a controlled clinical trial, at no charge to patients. However, these patients are often so desperate, that they are happy to grasp at straws – especially when these are cloaked in the garb of scientific gobbledygook.
Since knowledge is power, the best way of protecting yourself is by becoming well-informed, so you can critically assess the “facts” for yourself. Books are excellent starting points in your quest for information, and you can start by reading our book, How to Have a Baby, which is available free online !
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IVF Cost Barbados

Barbados Fertility Centre

$7,500 and 2 weeks in Barbados. Can you make a better choice?

A Holiday with a Purpose  
We would never pretend that going through an IVF program would not be stressful. But with a number of recent studies psychologists have established that by reducing a couples stress levels while they undergo fertility treatments, a marked increase of a successful outcome is achieved. With that knowledge what better place in the world to reduce your stress than in the exotic island of Barbados in the Caribbean. Click here for success rates.

In between your appointments, you have constant access to our team of experts by cellular 
phone but with the freedom of being on holiday. You can enjoy the soothing sound of the lapping Caribbean Sea, go for a long romantic walk along the white sandy beaches and then enjoy the tantalizing tastes of the Caribbean’s cuisine. Barbados is famous for its world class luxury hotels and we have selected some of the best the island has to offer. CLICK HERE to see the locations we have selected for you to choose from to stay in while attending our Clinic.
Obviously, in order to pursue your treatment in Barbados there are some preliminary steps you need to undertake in cooperation with your local doctor/clinic so that your time spent in Barbados can be kept to a two week timeframe.

Upon arrival in Barbados you are met at the airport and taken by private luxury car to the hotel of your choice where our Patient Liaison Manager will meet with you to ensure that you have settled comfortably. You will be given a programmed cellular phone to enable you to contact us at any time but give you the freedom to enjoy being on holiday. Your appointments schedule will be given to you with collection times for your transportation to and from all appointments. In order to give you a choice of hotels and packages we have selected a number of wonderful hotels and created three levels of accommodation packages in order to make travel arrangements easier for you. CLICK HERE for details and costs of these packages. The details of each are laid out under packages available.
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India - Malpani Infertility Clinic

Malpani Infertility Clinic 

Indian clinics are performing a growing number of IVF treatments for
foreigners frustrated with disappointing results and soaring costs at

The number of Brits and Americans coming to Malpani Infertility Clinic
in Bombay has jumped dramatically in the past three years

?Infertile couples are drawn to India largely because of the lower
cost of treatments and lighter regulations. The British Human
Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has outlawed payments to
surrogates, but they can be (and usually are) reimbursed for expenses
up to $18,000. On the other hand, the Indian Council of Medical
Research allows Indian surrogates to claim monetary compensation, as
well as expenses?but these usually don?t amount to more than $5,400.
The cost of getting pregnant through IVF treatment in Britain is also
pricey and so complex that the BBC has based a TV drama, ?The Family
Man,? on the adventures of an enigmatic fertility expert. At private
clinics, which do 70 percent of all IVF treatment, costs can run to
$18,000 a cycle. Indian clinics offer the same treatment for around
$7,200?and they throw plane tickets and a hotel stay into the

Malpani Infertility Clinic 
Dr Malpani, Malpani
Infertility Clinic. 
Jamuna Sagar,
Shahid Bhagat Singh Road,
Colaba, Bombay 400 005. 
Tel: 91-22-22151065,
Fax (India): 91-22-2215 0223 

Email: info@drmalpani.com 

Fees and information

Outlook Magazine ranks Malpani Infertility Clinic among the top five
IVF clinics in India.

Infertility India.

"A state-of-the-art IVF treatment at affordable prices in a
comfortable atmosphere. We offer all the newest reproductive
techniques, including IVF, ICSI, laser assisted hatching, embryo
freezing, egg donation, PGD , embryo biopsy, and blastocyst transfer.
We have been one of the pioneers in the techniques of ICSI, having
done more than 900 cycles with success rates reaching nearly 30%."

Here is an extensive list of clinics in India

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IVF Cost in Mexico

 Mexico IVF treatment

I have been looking into the cost of IVF and Surrogacy Worldwide. There are two websites that have some breakdowns available. They are ivfcost.net and at here at IVF cost.

The real value depends on what your needs are and what part of the world you live in. Travel expenses such as Hotels and airfare really add up fast.

From the USA, Mexico IVF appears to be a value price leader. The full fees for IVF cost and ICSI are only $4,000. Medication are in the $1,500 - $2,500 range. And there are round trip flights from almost all major US cities for around $300 round trip per person.

Many of the doctors are trained in the US and many clinics will let you bring your USA surrogate down to Mexico to transfer. With a surrogate from the US you only need to leave the country once for the transfer. The baby would be born in a US hospital with your normal doctor.

You can get the full treatment (IVF, ICSI, Meds, and Surrogate) start to finish for $20,000 - $30,000 and you only need to visit Mexico once. This is really a valid option that many people should explore.
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South Africa - Nurture - South Africa’s premier Egg Donor and Surrogacy program

Nurture - South Africa’s premier Egg Donor and Surrogacy program is the creation of two fabulous South Africans who have experienced the heartbreak of infertility first hand - Melany as an egg donor, and Tertia as an infertility patient who went through 9 IVFs to achieve her dream. Joined by two other IVF veterans, Sue and Kim, the gals at Nurture make a formidable team who combine the best of heart and soul to provide truly excellent service.

A global business with a local touch, we absolutely love what we do, and our passion shows through in everything about us. We pride ourselves on providing the best care and support for our donors, our surrogates and our intended parents, facilitating the process from application through to donation and beyond. In a nutshell, we care. We call. We write. We rock.
“Thank you so much for your help and quick response.  It is a pleasure dealing with professional people in such emotional times and you and your team should really be proud of the service you provide.”
So, Why Choose Nurture?
1. We are local and local is deliciously lekker
Nurture is a South African company, based in South Africa, owned by South Africans using South African donors and surrogates. Local recipients pay in Ronts, not 475 million dollars! FINALLY!  An egg donor and surrogacy program that is affordable for local AND international recipients. Hallelujah and Dankie Tog!
But it is not just the locals we smaak. Because we are an equal opportunity company, we *heart* the tourists too. They are more than welcome to spend their hard-earned cash in Sunny South Africa. Of course the International visitors really score seeing as you get about a billion Ronts for one Dollar! But that’s ok. It’s good for them, it’s good for us and it’s good for South Africa! Viva!
2. We know this business better than anyone else
There is no one who knows the donor side of the business better than Melany does. And there are few people out there who could wrestle the Infertility Queen tiara away from Tertia. Between the four of us, we have personally done 36 37 IVFs!! We know our stuff. There might be a few Johnny Come Latelys out there who are promising the world (and delivering a lot less!) but don’t fall for that spiel. If it sounds too good to be true, it IS too good to be true!
Thank you so much for everything - for your wonderful professionalism and speed at dealing with queries. I have been dealing with more than your agency and there is no comparison - you certainly have the edge!”
3. We are an Everything Friendly Company
Here at Nurture we are Gay Friendly, Women Friendly, Tourist Friendly, Green Friendly, Organic, LoCal and free of any added preservatives. In fact, Nurture is so everything-friendly that if we tried any harder we would be Mother Theresa. (That’s if Mother Theresa was as fond of Chardonnay as we are)

“We will always cherish your guidance, humor, patience, and warmth throughout this period of time. You always followed up on things in time and we never felt pushed to make any decisions, but we also did not feel alone no matter what the decision was. We would like to thank you for the professional and personal help.”
4. Our donors are 100% Fabulous
Being the shy and retiring types (AS IF!), we don’t want to sound conceited or anything like that, but seriously – we have better donors and surrogates than anyone else. We pride ourselves on only taking on really exceptional donors and surrogates, both on the inside and out. Here at Nurture we give you 100% genuine fabulousness – no Photoshop or Creative Editing allowed!
So in a nutshell, we are better at this than anyone else, our donors and surrogates are a cut above the rest AND our rates are affordable. It’s a win-WIN-WINNA situation. Yeah!
If you are considering becoming an egg donor, please click here for information on how to apply and here for further information on egg donation.
If you are considering becoming a surrogate mother, please click here for information on how to apply and here for further information on surrogacy.
If you are a potential recipient and would like to view our database of available donors, please click here.
Life is either a great adventure, or it is nothing.
Helen Keller
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Russia - Low cost Surrogacy Program


Low Cost Surrogacy Options starting at $35,000.

This must not be in US dollars. It is very high to be advertised as low cost.

Also, there are a lot of addition fees.

It does not include:
  • Expenses to travel to Russia (2 trips)
  • Accommodations Expenses
  • Food Expenses
  • Surrogate synchronization
  • Medications
  • Intnded Parents medical screening performed in the US.
Plus, the IVF cycle is an additional $2,000
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IVF Prohibition In Costa Rica

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is unconstitutional in Costa Rica since 2000, when sentence 2000-02306 dictated by the Constitutional Room of the Supreme Court of Justice of the State of Costa Rica, prohibited its use because it was considered that it violated life. (Available at: http://www.vidahumana.org/vidafam/repro/costarica-invitro.html). This ruling of the Supreme Court of Costa Rica could be against the right to found a family and to have access to health, expressed in the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights of the UN: -Article 16.1- all men and women have right, without restriction for reason of race, nationality, or religion to marry and found a family; and - Article 25- everyone is entitled to the benefit of the highest possible level of physical and mental health. Likewise, according to the World Health Organization (W.H.O.), health is the complete state of physical, psychic and social well-being, and not only the absence of disease. Furthermore, studies made at the University of Harvard, have demonstrated that most people consider that to have children is an essential element of life, and that not being able to have them can cause a strong depression, similar to the one experienced by people knowing that they have cancer (Domar A.). Furthermore, the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights, also demands freedom of religion; many of the arguments against the use of IVF in this sentence are of religious nature. A group of 15 couples demanded to state of Costa Rica at the Inter-American Human Rights Commission (CIDH), which admitted the request in 2004. This acceptance demonstrates the importance dispensed to the protection of sexual and reproductive rights; no resolution has yet been emitted. What do you think you on this sentence? What would you say to the CIDH if you were called to defend the rights of patients?
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South Africa - Cape Fertility Clinic

The Cape Fertility Clinic was established in 1993. It is situated in Cape Town, South Africa, one of the most beautiful cities worldwide.

A modern sophisticated laboratory allows all the latest assisted conception techniques to be used with great success. There are approximately 850 IVF (in vitro fertilization) cycles performed each year. It is one of the largest IVF centers in South Africa.

We provide a friendly, caring environment to help couples cope with fertility treatment. Our IVF coordinator and a psychologist are available to provide additional counseling. Our premises are purpose built within an IVF operating theatre, laboratory and embryo transfer room all adjacent to our main reception and staff offices.

Our medical team consists of four Specialists in Reproductive Medicine:
- Dr. Sulaiman Heylen
- Dr. Paul le Roux
- Dr. Klaus Wiswedel
- Dr. Saleema Nosarka

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India - Dr. Malpani

1) What are you basic IVF Fees in $USD?
Our charges for an IVF/ICSI treatment cycle are $ 3500 only. This includes all medical treatments and procedures. Medicines would cost about US $ 1000 more. However, the cost of medications can vary, and
depend upon how many injections you need for adequate superovulation.
  • Is there a discount for paying in your local currency?
[Dr Malpani] No
2) Will you do Gestational Surrogacy Cycles?
[Dr Malpani] Yes
  • Do you provide Surrogates?[Dr Malpani]  No
  • Can you refer to an agency that does arrange surrogates if you do not?[Dr Malpani]  No
  • Can Clients bring in their own surrogate?[Dr Malpani]  Yes
  • Would you work with a couple that wanted to transfer with two surrogates at the same time?[Dr Malpani]  Yes
  • Are there additional fees involved with having a surrogate?[Dr Malpani]  Yes
3) Egg Donors?
  • Do you provide Egg Donors?[Dr Malpani]  Yes
  • Can you refer to an agency that does arrange an Egg Donor if you do not?
  • Can Clients bring in their own Egg Donor?[Dr Malpani]  Yes
  • Are there additional fees involved with having an Egg Donor?[Dr Malpani]  Yes
4) Will there be additional cost for?
  • ICSI? [Dr Malpani]  No
  • Assisted Hatching? [Dr Malpani]  No
  • Freeze and storage?[Dr Malpani]  Yes
  • PGD? [Dr Malpani] Yes
  • Labs?[Dr Malpani]  No
  • Blastocyst? [Dr Malpani] Yes
  • Meds?[Dr Malpani] Yes
5) Are there any additional costs not included above?
6) What day embryo’s do you usually transfer? [Dr Malpani] Day 2-3
How many embryo’s do you transfer?[Dr Malpani]  4
7) What is your pregnancy rates per started cycle (HFEA)? (preferably by age)[Dr Malpani]  More than 45% when we transfer 4 embryos for women less than 35
8) Will you offer discounts based on cash payment or income need?[Dr Malpani]  No
9) How many cycles do you perform per year at the clinic? [Dr Malpani]  350
10) How long would I need to be in your Country? [Dr Malpani]  20
11) Is the clinic registered with any regulatory body?[Dr Malpani]  Yes
12) Do you help with travel logistics of flights and accommodations? [Dr Malpani] No
13) Can you briefly explain you countries IVF and Surrogacy laws and how this effects your international clients?
[Dr Malpani] At present, there is no legal protection for surrogacy in India, which means there is no secure mechanism by which you would be able to take your baby back with you . You can read about this atwww.drmalpani.com/surrogacy-in-india.htm. The question you need to ask yourself is - How will I take my baby back with me after birth ?
I’d suggest you wait till the surrogacy law is passed.
14) Does your staff speak English?[Dr Malpani]  Yes
We look forward to helping your readers to have a baby !
[Dr Malpani] Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD
Malpani Infertility Clinic, Jamuna Sagar, SBS Road, Colaba
Bombay 400 005. India
Tel: 91-22-22151065, 22151066, 2218 3270
FAX ( India)  91-22-22150223.
Helping you to build your family  !
PS  Read our book, How to Have a Baby - A Guide for the Infertile Couple, online at www.DrMalpani.com !
Get better medical care by storing your records free at http://www.myinfertilityrecord.com !
Read my blog about improving the doctor-patient relationship at http://doctorandpatient.blogspot.com/
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Poland - Three years jail for IVF?

Three years jail for IVF?
Created: 18.02.2009 12:42
The “Contra In Vitro” Committee For Legislative Initiative is seeking 100,000 signatures to initiate a Project to change the civil code regarding the implementation of in vitro fertilization in Poland.

Head of the committee, Jacek Kotula, from Tyczyn in southeastern Poland, claims that the group aims to propose legislation before the Sejm, the lower house of parliament, after collecting enough signatures.

The Committee would like to amend Civil Code 160 to establish a law to the tune whoever engages in fertilization of an egg cell (fertilization by in vitro) outside of a mother’s body will face up to three years in prison. Article 160 that the group seeks to make law a prison sentence for endangering one’s life or for actions leading to the detriment the health.

As well, the group has proposed a law to imprison (for between five and 25 years) one who engages in embryonic stem cell research.

The “Contra In Vitro” Committee has declared that they are mounting a campaign to seek signatures all over Poland in order to initiate legislative in parliament on the issue. They have sought the aid of Catholic churches, asking priests to appeal for signatures during their sermons in mass.

“We are collecting signatures with the permission of the Bishop of Elk. For the past few days we have been collecting signatures and PESEL [identification] numbers,” states Father Jacek Uchan of the Elk parish, northeastern Poland.

The Catholic Church stands officially against in vitro fertilization and the Polish Federation of the Society of Catholic Families functions in Poland to uphold this stance.

Currently, Poland does not have established laws to address the specific issue of in vitro fertilization and the government, led by Civic Platform, has put together a bioethics committee to analyze the issue and propose legislation. The project is expected to regulate in vitro procedures including protecting the rights of an embryo, forbidding the sale of sperm and eggs, as well as banning the selection of eggs for fertilization. (mmj/pg)
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We are a portal that brings together patients with trouble Conceiving.
In the same tried all kinds of subjects related to infertility treatment, psychological support, etc.. In the same tried all kinds of subjects related to infertility treatment, psychological support, etc. .. The website is not incorporated by doctors. 

The information published in Infertility-arg is taken from other information sites and medical journals, studied and evaluated carefully before its publication in the portal. 

Our goal is to fill information gaps on the reproductive health of couples, a common space for open dialogue for all those couples that are put into the Web site to resolve their questions through a simple language and understandable terms. 

Our great strength is the forum for opinion, where users can share experiences, give support and knowledge to other users, to help in this painful way. 

The portal was born in 2003 and already has over 3500 active users. It was designed by Karina Dugo, patient several fertility clinics, which in its way is realized in Argentina not only the patient is alone, but the lack of abundant information and containment. 

I hope that you will find it useful. I hope that you will find it useful.
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China - Daiyun Surrogacy Agency


The agency matches Intended Parents with surrogates in China, but  hospitals are prohibited from doing in virtro fertilization for surrogacy puposes in China. 

Online surrogacy agency gives birth to morality debate

By Jessie Tao (chinadaily.com.cn)
Updated: 2007-05-15 11:05
Infertility can leave wannabe parents seeking desperate measures, but an online service could give birth to good news, as the service offers surrogate mothers as long as the price is right.

A screenshot of the surrogacy match-making website. [daiyun.com]
Daiyun.com, a surrogate agency headquartered in Ningbo, east China's Zhejiang Province and with offices all over the country, claims it links up prospective parents with surrogate mothers in a legal and professional manner, with free information on egg and sperm donation. The agent purportedly says it has brought happiness for dozens of infertile couples through its services.
However, the agency has also met with sharp suspicion, especially when hospitals are prohibited from doing in virtro fertilization for surrogacy puposes in China.
Liu Baojun, the 28-year-old owner of the agency, says he got the idea of the surrogacy mediating service after one of his friends was forced to get divorced due to his infertility.
"I looked up lots of information and found surrogacy is a profession in some foreign countries, with special intermediary service agents registered with government departments. In China there was no official information. So, I opened this surrogacy agency about a year ago," Liu explained.
He claims his agency now has offices in over 20 cities all over the country, with more than 120 registered surrogate mothers.
The surrogates are classified into nine groups and priced according to such factors as educational background and facial appearances. He said a college girl can be paid a minimum of 70,000 yuan.
According to Liu, prospective couples pay the agency at least 5,000 yuan for information and another 5,000 yuan to be matched up with a surrogate mother, while the agency doesn't charge the surrogates.
"We get at least 10,000 yuan for every successful match." Liu says, adding that the clients are required to pay 1,000 yuan as a deposit, before showing the couples photos and information of the surrogates.
The paid expectant mothers may in return get a certain amount of cash compensation in addition to their living expenses, rent, medical fees and transportation. The sum is usually calculated based on the surrogate's two-year salary.
Liu said the surrogates are not encouraged to develop an emotional or sexual relationship with the clients, but stressed the agency won't be responsible if both parties mutually engage in sexual activities.
As to the legal issue, Liu believes surrogacy is legal, since Chinese law says nothing on such surrogate match-making services.
"We have a confidentiality agreement with the surrogates. Once she completes the contract, all concerning materials will be destroyed, " Liu said. "Surrogacy borders on both the law and morality, and does not go against the law."
But lawyers and sociologists have different opinions.
Wei Yongqiang, a lawyer with a Zhejiang-based law firm, says the interests and rights of surrogate mothers are protected when associated with a hospital, not with an agency like the one Liu has. Furthermore, the agent is not in a position to guarantee the surrogate mothers will not engage in illegal or immoral activities, such as acting as prostitutes or mistresses.
A sociology professor with Zhejiang University thinks surrogacy should be stopped since it is against social morals and constitutes a violation on human rights. Liu Zhijun adds that surrogacy often ends in tragedy, like extra-marital affairs, family disputes, and even crime.
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Mexico - Centro Médico de la Mujer Monterrey


Dr. Rogelio Montemayor Garza
Subespecialista en Medicina Reproductiva.
Centro Médico de la Mujer (Cons. 404) Tel: 01(81)8347-8488 / 01(81)8676-6595 Monterrey, N.L.

This space is dedicated to all those couples who have had problems when trying to have children and not seeing results.

We provide information on our fertility treatment as well as operations and treatments we provide for the welfare of Health, Physical, Emotional and Social.

We know that the purpose of life is procreation and the perpetuation of the species and the evolution of human beings ever upward, our commitment is to help achieve these objectives for couples who for various circumstances have not been able to do.

We hope to solve your problem with all the support that science now allows us to finally and above all with the support of God
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Mexico - Center for Assisted Reproduction S.C. (CREASIS) Monterrey


Dr. Manuel R. García
Especialista en Biología de la Reproducción
Director CREASIS y CIMA Santa Engracia-CREASIS Calle: Dr. Enrique Peña #118, Col. Los Doctores Tels. +52 81 83 33 44 56 ext 2 mgarcia@creasis.com.mx Monterrey, N.L., México

Center for Assisted Reproduction S.C. (CREASIS) was founded under the direction of Dr. Manuel Rolando García Martínez and Dr. Carlos Arce Felix, after his training in the USA.

Since its genesis, CREASIS has been formed as a center of attention to the couple with infertility problems. Since its inception, CREASIS provides pregnancy rates comparable to the major world centers. Seal of quality and its evolution is based on a select group of doctors trained dogmatically in the main centers of the world.

Thus, CREASIS has the necessary human and technological updates and innovation to provide effective patient care as reflected in our results.
Being leaders in their field, all medical CREASIS are accredited teachers of major schools of Medicine in Monterrey.

In addition, CREASIS has outreach centers in the rest of the Mexican Republic. CREASIS is accredited by the Latin American Network of Assisted Reproduction who supports fertility centers in Latin America.
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Mexico - Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey.


Dr. Victor A. Batiza Resendiz
Ginecología/Obstetricia. Especialista en Biología de la Reproducción
Centro Médico de la Mujer – Constitución Av. Constitución No. 1881 pte consultorio No. 109. Colonia Obispado. Monterrey, N.L. Tels: 8333 6084, 8122 4700 ext 4109.

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Mexico - Red Crea Mexico City


Who are we?
Red crea es la primera red de medicina reproductiva del país. Red is the first network created for reproductive medicine in the country. Somos una institución integrada por una verdadera red de profesionales reconocidos, que ofrecen servicios de cirugía reproductiva y reproducción asistida de manera personalizada, de alta calidad y económicamente accesibles, brindando un servicio integral, de manera que los pacientes pueden recibir sus tratamientos de reproducción a través de su medico de confianza o de los médicos afiliados a Red Crea . We are an institution composed of a network of recognized professionals who provide reproductive surgery and assisted reproduction in a personalized, high quality and affordable, providing a service, so that patients can receive their treatment through reproduction trust your doctor or of doctors affiliated to Create Network.
Como su nombre lo indica, somos una red de servicios y profesionales que trabajamos siempre en equipo y con comunicación constante, de tal modo que los pacientes siempre están con su médico de confianza pero tienen todo el respaldo de la red entera, lo que al final se traduce en mejores resultados. As its name suggests, we are a network of services and professionals who work in teams and provided with constant communication, so that patients always trust your doctor but have the full backing of the entire network, which at the end translates into better results.
Junto con ello Red Crea cuenta con la infraestructura necesaria para la realización de tratamientos de alta complejidad dando como resultado excelentes tasas de efectividad. Together with this network has created the necessary infrastructure for carrying out complex treatments resulted in excellent rates of effectiveness.
Red Crea ofrece un espacio físico en donde se pueden realizar procedimientos de Cirugía Reproductiva y Técnicas de Reproducción asistida. Create Network offers a physical space where they can perform procedures Reproductive Surgery and Assisted Reproductive Techniques. Este espacio está provisto de: This space is equipped with:
Área de ultrasonido (para seguimientos foliculares, etc) Area of ultrasound (for follicular monitoring, etc)

Sala de inseminaciones Board of inseminations

Equipo de Laparoscopia e Histeroscopia Team Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy

Quirófano para captura ovular y transferencia embrionaria Operating room to capture ovulate and embryo transfer

Farmacia de medicamentos especializados Pharmacy medicine specialist
Además Red Crea cuenta con laboratorio de Andrología, Hormonas, Análisis Clínicos y Bacteriología, todo para que el médico titular pueda realizar sus protocolos de diagnóstico con la mayor certeza de resultados. Moreover Network has created Andrology Laboratory, Hormones, and Clinical Bacteriology, any owner so that the doctor can perform diagnostic protocols with greater certainty of results.
Cabe mencionar que la forma de trabajar de la Red Crea , permite ofrecer a los pacientes los costos más accesibles, lo que disminuye notablemente la deserción a la que muchas veces nos enfrentamos en nuestra práctica diaria. It is worth mentioning that the way to work in the Create Network, allows patients to provide more affordable cost, thus reducing significantly the desertion that many times we face in our daily practice.
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Mexico - Institute Vida (Life) Guadalajara


The Institute of Life Sciences in Human Reproduction has offices in the cities of León (Guanajuato), Guadalajara (Jalisco), Matamoros (Tamaulipas) and Mérida (Yucatán). Offered to infertile couples, the attention of medical and paramedical personnel trained (in the country and abroad) and certified in the specialty of Reproductive Biology (by the Mexican Council of Obstetrics and Gynecology), as well as equipping schools with to offer the latest advances in reproductive medicine, which allows more accurate diagnostic laboratory studies, ultrasound, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and especially with a thorough medical history to provide the best alternatives to achieve pregnancy and accompany the way to becoming parents. These results support that our schools are supported by national and international institutions (such as the Latin American Network of Assisted Reproduction).
Institute Life - Guadalajara

S and seeks at all sites the same quality of care in both professional and human and that couples can choose to have professional or center that they would like to be addressed. Curriculum offered and location data of the individual medical center and working to establish communication with the medical staff who wish to address them.

Institute of Life is committed to offer the latest technological and scientific services, which include genetics, Gynecological Endocrinology, Operative Endoscopy, Nutrition, Psychology, Andrology and Assisted Reproduction. In the latter field are impressive progress and better results, especially in patients with previous treatment failures. There are advances in vitrification ovulate, Laser Assisted Hatching, improved culture media, drugs and effectiveness of higher purity, less aggressive treatment schemes, gift ovulate, Laser Assisted ICSI, IMSI, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis or PGD, prevention of infertility and preservation of fertility in patients who are subjected to antineoplastic treatments.

The results of our institute are presented in national and international congresses, as well as in various publications. Thousands of babies have been conceived by couples treated at our clinics. We are also concerned about keeping our costs. We also offer publications, courses, degrees and training programs for physicians. Consult us. We are targeting infertile couples and our life.

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Mexico - Institute of Fertility of Mexicali


The Institute of Fertility of Mexicali inside the Hospital de la Mujer building.
We apply the most advanced Assisted Reproductive Technology thanks to our specialists in the area. Their experience, warmness and spirit of service will guide you step by step in everything you need to know and to do in regards to our services.
Please do not hesitate to contact us today.

  • Assisted Reproductive Procedure (IVF or ICSI)
$4,500.00 USD
Psychoanalyst group session, follicle monitoring from the Institute of Fertility Of Mexicali, Recovery and Operating Room, anesthetist, hormonal monitoring (three estradiol doses), gamete laboratory, follicle aspiration and embryo transfer.
Prescriptions and medications are not included. Ovulation inducers have a cost of around $2,500.00 to $3,000.00 USD. depending on each particular case.
In case of sperm aspiration from the epididymis or testicular biopsy, there is an additional cost of $1,200.00 USD.
Procedure costs with frozen embryos is the same to the full procedure.
  • Cryopreservation
$750.0 USD (First year fee, paid when frozen embryos are confirmed).
  • Frozen embryo transfer
$1,000.00 USD
  • Embryo Maintenance Fee
$100.00/Yr USD.
This costs can vary if egg or sperm donation is required. We encourage you to request information directly to Phone (686) xxx-xxxx, and update your budget when receiving the indications for the treatment.
Costs above are subject to change without notice and are also subject to the exchange rate (Dollar-Peso) of the day of transaction.
Forms of Payment:
You can make a deposit to the account of The Institute from HSBC Bank:
70 02393833,
Pay directly in the Institute by cash, check or credit card (Visa, Mastercard), or
Make your deposit securely and inmediately on line.
Treatment payment shall be fully covered a day before of the follicle aspiration.
  • Egg Donation procedure
$8,0000.00 USD
Psychoanalyst group session, follicle monitoring from the Institute of Fertility Of Mexicali, Recovery and Operating Room, anesthetist, hormonal monitoring (three estradiol doses), gamete laboratory, follicle aspiration and embryo transfer.
Cryopreservation: $750.00 USD
Frozen Embryo Transfer: $1,000 USD
Embryo Maintenance Fee: $100.00/Yr.
Costs above are subject to change without notice and are also subject to the exchange rate (Dollar-Peso) of the day of transaction. Laboratory exams from the recipient are not included.
Includes medication form the donor.
In case of sperm aspiration from the epididymis or testicular biopsy, there is an additional cost of $1,200.00 USD.
When ready, please follow this simple steps:
- Request your inclusion to the waiting list. Present a picture of the recipient patient.
- Cover a fee of around $500 USD for previous studies and/or evaluation of the donor.
- Once the date of the procedure has been scheduled, proceed to cover the rest of the obligatory requisits.
- An advance payment is required (around $1,000.00 USD). Please take note that no receipt or invoice will be delivered for being included in the waiting list or by donor compensation.
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Mexico - The Institute of Studies for Human Conception

Beginning our third decade of service.

The Institute of Studies for human Conception

In 1986, The Institute of Studies for Human Conception (IECH) was founded by a group of doctors who dedicate their lives and practice to the study and treatment of infertile couples. In 1988, the first baby was born in Mexico using a novel technique called GIFT (Gamete Intrafallopian Tube Transfer) in an egg donor program. Today IECH boasts more than 1,700 babies born with IECH’s assistance. To ensure that the IECH staff are constantly trained in the latest assisted reproductive techniques, we rely on the scientific collaboration of Yale Fertility Center Director Dr. Pasquale Patrizio, MD. Together with him, IECH doctors Dr. Samuel Hernández Ayup, Dr. Roberto Santos Haliscak and Dr. Pedro Galache Vega, have brought the practice of assisted reproduction in Mexico to international acclaim.
Our practice has now grown to include dozens of physicians and three locations throughout Northern Mexico. While growing to meet the needs of our patients, we have remained true to our philosophy of providing contemporary medical care in an environment that supports each couple individually. The IECH has also played an active role in the medical community regarding human reproduction, sharing our clinical experience in local, national and international academic forums, as well as contributing to the development of highly qualified specialists.
Today, IECH ranks among the most successful fertility programs in the country. Our medical team is among the best in the field, nationally and worldwide. These dedicated specialists share a passion for their profession that has resulted in outstanding pregnancy rates for the past twenty years. Working together, our group of physicians, embryologists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals are able to identify and overcome even the most complex infertility issues.
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Mexico IVF

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Intended Parents Expect Miracle Agency

Intended Parents Expect Miracle Agency
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Coutries where Commercial Surrogacy is illegal

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  • Ireland
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  • Mexico - No Laws
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